Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Oh Happy Day!

When I wasn't even looking for it, but rather was changing from a re-run of Sex and the City that I'd just recently seen re-run, there he was: George Carlin. Doing that bit I caught by chance a few years ago and have looked for since. The name of the show is You Are All Diseased, and turns out I haven't been able to find it because he's got a pretty strict deal with HBO--they license to run the show 15 times, he cuts a CD from it. The CD is now available, but the video, probably only on my VCR. Could it be that when we rode the elevator together that fateful day some 10 years or so ago, he osmosed or otherwise sci-fi'd my thoughts from my head to later inform him material? To wit: "Since when did URBAN become a synonym for BLACK?" And that thing where people say stuff like, my friend, who "happens to be black" is spot on (that's NPR commentators latest blurb of choice, similar to "get the skinny on" or "get a bead on" that all pundits were saying awhile back.

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