Thursday, May 30, 2002


I really really dig The Bernie Mac Show. I''ve never found his stand-up routines particularly funny, but for whatever it's worth, this show resonates with me, personally, in a way nothing has since Living Single ("in a 90s kinda world, I'm glad I got my girls! We are Living. Single.") The fact that Bernie's pre-pubescent niece is an aspiring gymnast just like my 8th grade Nadia Comaneci-crazed self is just a fucking glazed cherry on top!)
The Bernie Mac Show is pretty much all about parenting--and he's on OUR side--the old "because I said so" skool. I love it! (Not that I don't reason with my pumpkin, yaddayadda, but please. There's only so far I can go. I do NOT owe an 8 year old an explanation!)

I've stopped surfing for folks I've lost touch with on Google, (tonight featuring Karen Johnston and Amanda Straub) and am now watching Ben Affleck (who I so could love--do let him know!) while lamenting the fact that I work too much to take time to find another job. (Well, I've found 'em, but then there's the updating of the resume after the OCR has been cleaned up, know... all that shit that needs to be done. So I guess I'll just keep the present one for now and continue this game of trying to not have a heart attack without the assistance of meds. Did call a broker today, though, at least.

And speaking of looking for people I'd lost touch with, Google leads one to believe that the forum I started in 96 and ran for 2 years while a stay-at-home mom starved for adult conversation is still around--with my original descripton intact, no less. Ain't that a pip!
Guess I just outed myself.


Got a purty pooch last Friday. A six month old, just-fixed, black Lab. She's a big girl, 41 pounds, and sweet as Labs can be. BONUS: housebroken too! The folks at the pound became SOOOO responsive and facilitative when I mentioned where I work(not that that has anything to do with anything, but, hey--whatever works, right?) Let's see what it'll get me this week. I'm waging a battle with the gas company. I'll try not to get power hungry (but not too hard.)

Speaking of Stars, one of my best friends is in this month's Essence . You can't see it online, but I figure it's worth a cyber shout-out anyway. She never stops arriving. I say I savor gilt by association, but it's really more like a mom's pride. I am a big fan of my friends and bombard others with their and my kids well-doings frequently. To wit: my childhood best friend and high school partying partner who knows where ALL the bodies are (most of 'em anyway) is doing this. My college buddy with whom I did more philosophizing than partying is into hair. And did I mention that my pumpkin, fruit of my womb is the ...

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