Tuesday, April 16, 2002

So, I haven't been blogging--not out loud anyway. I've had loads of entries, witty, urbane; eloquent, in turn, flying around in my head. Probem is, this living thing is taking up so much time. It's kinda like one of my team members said to me "You want me to do your work, or read your email?". Sometimes, unfortunately, there's just time to live, and none to write about it.

Yesterday, I was unable, despite repeated tries, to look at these people without disdain, and it wasn't even due to the circuitous, slow-moving route I had to take home because of them! I'm generallly a sucker for the underdog. Plus, well, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the catalyst for Sept. 11--and whatever ominous dates will come-- is the US' insistence on maintaining a certain ill-advised friendship. You'd think knowing which side your bread is buttered on would be enough to right us, but, who knows? Whatever butter Israel's using to grease us up must be waaaaay more slick than all the oil we're dependent on, that their foes provide, that makes Bush and his cats fat. I hope it still feels good when they turn on us, for real. Sept.11 was due to pissed-off zealots (and there's thousands of those). Imagine what pissed off zealots sanctioned, funded and armed by their governments can do!

Enough doomsday.

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