Monday, July 15, 2013

Let the Rain Come Down

I am drinking too much coffee.   Usually it's just a cup a day--that is, if 20 ounces from Dunkin Donuts can be considered a cup.   Saturday and Sunday at home with the Keurig, though?  Different story.  It's actually probably in proportion with the puffs and Margaritas, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.  Caffeine is so not good for you.

Folks have been complaining about the rain.  I think it's rained every day for the last two weeks or so; it definitely rained at home every day, 7/1 through 7/7.  I don't mind it.  I wish it would rain ceaselessly; torrents provide a useful curtain for sobbing while driving.

There are stages of grief, I've heard/read about in times past.  Maybe I'll Google it and post a link later for your edification, should your fingertips be disinclined themselves, but for now--I'm just going on with my point-- and whatever it may be might contradict with whatever Wikipedia and Google reveal.  Take that as a disclaimer. Whatever.

I think I may be at a different stage now; or maybe it's just that my attention has been deflected to another sad situation, the verdict in the Zimmerman trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.   Surely, that verdict has got to illuminate for all, to shatter the illusions of even the most die-hard conservative as well as of the 'colorblind' assimilationist who thought he'd 'passed',  that the American judicial system is not the last bastion of hope for equitable humane treatment of all Americans, irrespective of skin color. It is, though, in fact the last semblance of hope for those Americans who are routinely aggrieved and worse, by the American judicial system, and whose murders now, apparently, are sanctioned by it.

I don't know whether this is a stage of grief or not, but the dominating emotion at the moment, underscored by the verdict, is hopelessness. SCOTUS has long proved itself to be-- at best, disinterested in parity and the plight and pursuits of Everyman, (Bush v Gore )  and at worst, detrimental, (Citizens United ) if not outright hostile; gutting Voting Rights. Thousands amass in cities hither and yon to protest the outcome of the Zimmerman trial, as they did a little over a decade ago to protest going to war in Iraq, as they did in occupations a few years ago to protest the plundering of the American economy and citizenry by mortgage and other bankers; all of which came to nought in terms of effecting change. Waddaryagonnado? Some people distract themselves from despair by casting their cares on Jesus; attributing all the injustices in the world to some divine design that they cannot possibly fathom, rather than attend to it at all. Other people see this as a cop out.
I just want to collapse into the arms of my beloved on a sustainable farm in another country with DirecTV and reliable Wi-Fi till it all, imminently, finishes crashing down.

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