Saturday, December 10, 2011

Season for Lists

I loved the view of the Petit Piton from our room at The Mago hotel in Soufriere, St. Lucia.  It was majestic; this singular mountain jutting up against the sky from the sea.  At some point each day,  it gradually disappeared behind a curtain of clouds, heralding sporadic rain showers.  Later, the clouds would dissipate as the showers passed, and the mountain  would re-emerge in the distance.  It was magical.   I felt every manner of privileged, doing sun salutations on the balcony facing the mountain every day; wealthy, blessed, nourished, powerful.

This memory was inspired by a friend's blog post that motivated me to list the places I want to visit, and those I want to  revisit.  I'd revisit St. Lucia, it's a good place to reflect and regroup.

I 'm in a bucket list time of life--
  •  I'm  a single mother of a single child who's soon to go off to college or other adventures beyond my daily oversight.  
  • I got an  invitation to join AARP and a membership card in the mail yesterday, a clear indication that it really is high time I changed the name of this blog.
I've ticked  the typically expected things off my Grownup  list: 
  • graduate from high school,
  •  graduate from college, 
  • get married,
  •  buy a house 
  • have a baby.  
Now the baby's raised and  starting to tick things off his own list.  I have to refocus. What am I going to do now?
 I've got to make a bucket list. Let's see.

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