Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Really Should Write Something


Well, because I've got this blog, see--the one that persists-- and it had become a bit of a habit, and then with Entrecard and BlogExplosion and other similar great things, there are even readers of the blog sometimes.  An audience.


Besides;  it's much fairer to my Facebook Friends and even my actual friends, to blather on on whatever soapbox I'm on at the moment to perfect strangers who've come to expect, and precisely to read these blatherings musings.  Status updates are for what's for dinner,  Happy Tuesday greetings or lemmingly posting some plaint or plight because allegedly 92% percent of people won't.

There.  I wrote something.

Now back to spouting off--
  • The weather's been great here!  (Thanks? Climate change!)  I'm a newbie and  proud to say (as of today) I've run 30 miles outside this month.
  • Which is sadder, that Rep. Barney Frank embodied any hope there was for a return to civil service and policymaking on the Hill, or that he too is getting out?
  • I have not watched any of the Republican Presidential Candidate debates.  Not just because there are too many.  Not just because they're not debates.  It's mostly because the debates foment the notion that some of these people should be seriously considered as prospective leader of The United States, when they're really just about generating swill to feed the ravenous infotainment industry.   
Come on now, seriously.  Rick Perry?  Herman Cain?  Ideally, a Presidential candidate should KNOW stuff about history, policy, world affairs, etc. and be conversant in them;  minimally, one should STUDY to get to know stuff.  At the absolute least, know that  you should study to get to know stuff. (The latter was working for John Edwards, remember? )
that and the cuteness  
But he succumbed, alas, to the delusion that his political ambitions would be unhindered by his extramarital dalliances.  Silly man.  Sexual scandal is to the infotainment industry what conspicuous consumption is to a capitalist economy.

The one at the helm of policymaking and enforcement in these critical times should have the integrity of Bernie Sanders or Brooksley Born, the forthrightness of Elizabeth Warren, the work ethic of Sheila Bair and Eliot Spitzer, the political instincts of Bill Clinton, the charisma of Barack Obama and the courage to lead, like... Ronald Reagan of Lyndon Johnson  with the humility of Jimmy Carter.   And there should be actual civil servants in Congress...and the Supreme Court should be apolitical--
(When, exactly, will pigs fly?)
SHORT OF ALL THAT--how about campaign finance reform?

And here were are again.  No matter what I start to write, this is where I end--and that's not fair to YOU!

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Peter Clare said...

It is my understanding pigs will fly March 17, 2012, but just in case they don't keep writing


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