Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Resistance Futile?

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John Lewis: "Martin Luther King Jr must be looked upon as a founding father of the New America"
Forty some years ago, the Poor Peoples Campaign occupied much of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's time and energy. After the dangerous and deadly marches and boycotts that led to the passage of Civil Rights legislation in 1964 and 1965, Dr. King focused on human rights, championing an idea called the Economic Bill of Rights and called for "radical changes in the structure of our society". If you rely on media accounts and history texts, you'd think that Dr. King disappeared after 1965 until he was shot dead in Memphis in 1968. Long before the near-monopoly ownership of mainstream media and its manipulative dirty tricks detailed in the depressingly informative film, Orwell Rolls in His Grave, King's efforts on behalf of poor people, opposition to the war in Vietnam and U.S. foreign policy, in general, were studiously ignored by the media. Fortunately, the lenses of Swedish filmmakers provide some insight into this period via The Black Power Mixtape.

Today, in bittersweet coincidence, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's memorial in Washington, DC is being formally dedicated at the same time that resistance to the "global system of bullshit" is manifest in countries around the world: Italy, Croatia, South Africa, Australia, CANADA, Belgium, Greece, Spain...
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Forty years later, the "Poor People" includes increasing numbers of the formerly middle class: at least 45 million Americans on food stamps, 14 million Americans unemployed and thousands more with decimated retirement savings. Throughout the world, increasing numbers are jobless, homeless, and deeply indebted while a relative few make out like the bandits they are, taking home in bonuses enough to feed entire populations. This time, though, the resistance will not be ignored, despite the mainstream media's valiant, dismissive efforts. Committed, technologically savvy collaborators work diligently to keep this resistance publicized. Donate! Send mittens, hats and blankets, hand sanitizers, food. You can even VOTE HERE on what you think should be included in the demands. IMO, (the broken record) it's all for nought, without sweeping campaign finance reform, so that elected officials' constituencies are actual PEOPLE (one wo/man one vote), not lobbyists for industries.
Without sounding too cliché, the Internet really is the birth of some kind of global mind--Terrance McKenna
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Peter Clare said...

After spending a bunch of time at Occupy DC on Sunday, I'm hooked. Well organized, self policing, friendly with a culture of consensus.


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