Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spiritual--not Religious

I wonder if there are as many lapsed Muslims as there are lapsed Catholics?

I hadn't considered atheism or agnosticism from a non-Christian perspective before, but now I wonder:  how many people raised Hindu, for example, reject Hinduism?

It's titillating because so many in Western  i.e (Christian) society who scoff at and/or reject Bible stories and Christian tenets, eagerly embrace Eastern philosophies and practices instead. 

Could it be that their creation stories are more plausible, belief outcomes more tangible, worship requirements more reasonable, than Christianity's?

Or, is it, as Michael Musto put it: "Most religions scoff at Scientology as hogwash, as if to say, "Stick to our batch of fiction, not theirs!"

Have you imagined? There could be as many people reared Muslim who roll their eyes at the 5 daily calls to prayer as there are reared Christians who'd rather be spiritual (than religious) if the latter means sitting in church till long after the game comes on.

These are the types of musings meandering through my mind these days. Keeping mostly distracted from the economic and political jetsam and flotsam around me is key to staying afloat. It's getting tough to see the forest from these seas, though.

Apparently I'm not the only one distracted by religious curiosity, lately. Some conservative Christian scholars (oxymoronic, much? ) now say the creation story is um... not likely to have happened. Apparently it's impossible there could be as many gene transmutations from one Adam and one Eve to evolve the myriad gene variations found in human society today.


Don't take my word for it; it's all here: Evangelicals Question the Existence of Adam and Eve.

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