Sunday, July 10, 2011

Part of the Problem- who? MOI?

My son got up at the crack of dawn yesterday and headed downtown to amass with thousands on the west lawn of the Capitol to hear the Dalai Lama speak.
I went to Aqua Zumba.
It's not that I'm distinterested in the message of
 Love, Peace and.... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOUL !! 
--wait, that was Don Cornelius' line, not the Dalai Lama's--
but Daddy Yankee said "Ven Conmigo", so...  
I went to rumba (to reggaeton) in the water.
Frankly, I'd rather people pour into the streets en masse to protest some things, like--
  1. 43% of the millions currently unemployed have been unemployed for at least six months.  Think about the implications of that.  Trickle down economics: houses get foreclosed, businesses close, health insurance goes; stress erodes.  Read all about it, here:*#ing-life-back 
  2. People are going hungry; food banks are under-resourced and overtasked;
  3. Bankers' bonuses are bigger than ever;
  4. Thousands of kids whose lives had barely begun die in Iraq and Afghanistan
  5. Social Security is already paying out more than it takes in (and the Baby Boomers just STARTED retiring)
and there's no real end in sight to any of it.
It's not about partisanship, or even politics at this point; it's about human decency.

God (or Buddha?) Bless Bernie Sanders, Jan Schakowsky and Elizabeth Warren and Van Jones among a few others, for keeping some semblance of hope aloft, continuing to fight the good fight).  
But listen-
-and you may want to sit down because this is a real shocker:  I'm no authority on these things.   

I'm thinking, though, that, unless--
  •  the cable goes out,
  •  Direct TV and the Dish Network fade to black or
  •  some really talented hacktivists take the internet out of commission,  Americans won't be taking it to the streets like the Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians, [insert citizenry of your choice here] ,  we'll stay in the position we've assumed: bent over (our screens, that is.)
I'll be in the pool.

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