Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LiveBlogging used to be Cool

but Tweeting about a TV show while you're watching it is like being on Facebook talking about blogging (though better, of course).
I've done both tonight.

This is not an episode of Intervention; should it be?

I realized tonight that my willful detachment from politics is the reason that I'm not really blogging these days.

Getting turned off Politics has turned me off writing?  POLITICS IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT?  That's what MtnGrl Musing's morphed into over the past three years or so.  

The topics were much more varied in the previous six years, from 2002 to 2008. Really.  (Remember -- I didn't say more interesting.Spot check the archives.

Now I can't seem to get back there.  There's something not right about that.  Politics cannot be all I can think to write about.   I was a writer way before I was political.

I saw Super8,  it was entertaining.  Ditto Hangover2.

I've been sitting with my ear half-cocked to chatter about the Republicans in the Presidential race, like I'm waiting to see who the Democrats put up.

There's much not right about that. See, the Democrats aren't gonna put anybody up, get it.?  And yet I was  hopeful, apparently, on some level. (Pun intended.)

So, let's call it an Intermission.   More time away is usually a good thing.  MtnGrl's off soon to scout a location as a prospect for expat living.  I'll kick it into high gear by adding in some meditation and yoga, too.  I typically eat healthier when I'm on vacation, so there's also the benefit of that.

I'll be back, right after this brief Intermission.

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