Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WRITE Something, Already!

As it happens, I've not been able to collect any thoughts lately, for transmission via this blog or otherwise, because, to put it simply (you heard it here, first)--
And because it's new love, I spend an inordinate amount of time mooning, and Googling and doodling and daydreaming of ways to spend exquisite quality time with my beloved.

We met over fish and chips at Delirius (their misspelling, not mine), a bar/restaurant in Rodney Bay in St. Lucia. The fish was lightly beer battered and quite tasty; the chips were good too, (though not nearly as good as the ones at Feddo's in Soufriere). Still, despite that, my attention was increasingly called to the little heap of greens on my plate, with slivers of red cabbage for color. I acknowledged its tasty appeal, and got murmurs of consensus from my compatriots. I finished the meal, but I longed for more.

A few days later, back at Delirius, I ordered the Portabello mushroom stuffed with rice, walnuts, roasted red peppers and feta cheese that had caught my eye a fews day before. Thankfully, no matter what was ordered, the heaping pile of love came with it. And this time, the pile was even bigger! (It was close to closing time, maybe we benefitted from that!)

As I chomped my way through the salad, I sought to isolate what enchanted me so. It was a simple salad, bitter greens tossed lightly in a vinaigrette, I guess, but there was a discernible flash of spice when chewing then a POP of flavor right before swallowing. Flash, POP! There it was again. I began picking apart the salad and isolated this little beauty:

One of my dining companions, (less smitten than I, so her wits were still about her), aptly named the pop of flavor: wasabi. Apparently, I'd come to the jungle and fallen in love with mustard greens! I confirmed this on a trip to Whole Foods on Saturday where a pilfered leaf of mustard greens turned out to have less of a pop but a pop nonetheless; I bought a bunch. I've been on a quest for seeds and recipes ever since.

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Love it. More. Anna


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