Saturday, October 30, 2010

Triple Treat

Yesterday afternoon I got an email from a friend and former coworker telling me about The American Cancer Society's 5K for breast cancer that was held today, inviting me to walk on a team for our former boss who's dealing with breast cancer. I joined the team and raised about half my commitment (woo hoo and thank you!!) by the walk's start this morning.  I was pleasantly surprised to find our boss out there today, a few days after her last radiation treatment, being wheeled along and chatting and taking pics the whole way with us. She reported at the end that the walk was EXHAUSTING for her (wink, wink).  Gotta love that.

It was a gorgeous day, and eventually warm enough. I decided to go with a few fellow Buddy Brigaders (and several thousand other folks) to the Colbert/Stewart Rally for Fear or Sanity. So, after the 5k, I shuffled in the throngs an additional 10 blocks or so; we were near the National Gallery of Art before I bailed out--and walked back to my car at 13th and K.
I didn't see any of the folks on stage, or hear much of them either (except for Ozzy Osbourne (I know, right?) and I think the O'Jays (well, somebody) singing Love Train-

People all over the world, join hands!

I wasn't even paying attention to who was on stage or whether there were screens or where they were or who was on the stage-- I was captivated by the signs!

Today was a triple treat: good company, good weather and good causes.  Exercise was the cherry on  top.   --------------------------------------------------------------------
 I just mapped it, I walked 6.56 miles today!

Life is good.   Pass the Icy Hot.

See more rally pics on MtnGrl Musing's Facebook page.

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