Monday, September 13, 2010

Sporadic Outbursts and Random Tangents

As it turns out, some Facebook-induced mania of connectivity seduced me to to shed this cloak of public anonymity and venture to the hills that sprung me for my umpteenth High School reunion.  I've not been to any previous ones.   
All I have to say about that is this--
(fervently and reverently to whatever power-that-be that may be inclined to attend to it):

PLEASE let me (not) be (the only one)) bigger than I was in high school.

This sentiment sprang to mind despite the facts there's ample photographic evidence that I am *not* hardly the only one who's gotten bigger since high school, AND there's aeons of history of the physical evolution of the human species that shows that, typically, we put on weight as we age. DUH.  (or DER!)

No, this sentiment was catalyzed by my passive aggressive deeply beloved, dear sweet mama, who's reached the age where she, in fact, has begun to shrink.

Mama, who recently saw a childhood friend of one of my siblings in a picture from their class reunion, said, when telling me that she saw her:  "She's a BIG girl now!" 

Okay, there's a couple things wrong that statement.

  • For one,  said "big girl" is at least midway past fifty; so, she's well beyond girlhood; and
  • For two;  from the pictures I've seen, she looks around my size --

Do you think my hysteria is attributable  to impending reunion-induced regression to pubescent angst and insecurity or, more au courant, to mere menopausal hormonal whackdoodlery?

Some choice.

Yaaaay. This is gonna be GR...REAT!!


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