Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coincidence, Swagger or Politics at its best?

Finally, (coincidentally?) on his birthday no less, President Obama is relatively flush with good news!

Two levelheaded Republican women from Maine, Senator Olympia Snowe and Senator Susan Collins prevented the Republicans filibuster of an aid bill by voting with Democrats to send $16.1 billion to state coffers to extend Medicaid benefits, and $10 billion to state and local education boards to save teachers' jobs.  What won them over?  It's being paid for now, rather than by our children's children; they shifted funds from other programs.


BP claimed success in clamping the oil spill in the gulf (after, what, 3 months?) AND
the Feds claim that the thousands of barrels of oil that did get out, have all been dispersed--either chemically or naturally!

It'll be almost like, it never happened!
That is till a few years from now when people get afflicted by what-in-the-world-ever comes from eating seafood that swam in oil--and not even the kind that tuna comes packed in-or swimming in or drinking water with dispersed dispersant--but I digress.
Since he was taking such a hit for not doing enough (what could he do, seriously, other than seek the input of those who presume to know- or have an idea about- what to do or what to expect, in such an unprecedented occurrence?)   about ending a catastrophic oil spill caused by one of the richest citizens of the U.S, (yeah, thanks for that SCOTUS!)  FAT-pocketed campaign contributor BP America, whose parent company is the 5th largest company in. the. world;  guess he might catch a break at least from the hole allegedly being plugged and the oil allegedly being fully dispersed, finally.

With his popularity in general at an all time low, but most deservedly among, I would think, the gay community, to whom he made big, seemingly relatively easy-to-fulfill promises --that he has yet to deliver on, a FEDERAL judge appointed by President Bush One overturned the will of the people of California, by ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional.

Prop 8 was on the ballot in November 2008, and, with so many Black people coming out to vote for a Black man to be President of the United States, it may stand to reason that an initiative making same-sex marriage legal would lose. It's no secret that as a whole, the Black community is pretty conservative when it comes to anything gay. God created Adam and Eve, not Bruce and Steve, after all (they say). The attitude is changing with the times and generations, but even President Obama is said to oppose gay marriage, but support civil unions, (What is the difference-- in practical terms?)

But I digress...

With his popularity pretty low (it had a historically long way to fall);  incumbent Democrats falling like dominoes from primary losses or ethics investigations, and critical midterm elections fewer and fewer months away, President Obama delivered (or was delivered) a few nice birthday gifts today, that he'll share with those anxious about Democrats losing in the upcoming election.   These gifts will hopefully lure at least a few progressives and independents out to vote for the Dems in November.

Every little bit helps.

I shudder to think who what got sacrificed in the process; politics makes even stranger bedfellows than gayness does.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

nothing like a little conspiracy theory with dinner, eh?


Thomas said...

Well, if you believe in God, wouldn't you believe that God created Bruce and Steve, too? I mean, where they created by someone else?

I read somewhere that even though many people assumed that black voters turned the tide in the Prop 8 fight, an analysis I read showed that black voters didn't disproportionately support Prop 8 and that they certainly didn't turn the tide in the battle.

Either way, it's great that the President has good news to celebrate.

Great blog, by the way. Keep up the good work!

Petula said...

LOL! Sorry to leave this comment on a post I'm not commenting on, but it's funny 'cause I think you must be in the middle of editing. I was reading a post and couldn't leave a comment so I refreshed the page. Now the post is gone. LOL... I'll try to remember to come back later to see if it's back. But if I forget. I totally understand the sweating and how aggravating it can be.


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