Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food on the Brain or Pot Belly?

I was so relieved the pack was empty; it was the only way I could stop myself. Of course, Tropical Starburst was not even on my CVS shopping list--nothing edible was, in fact, but there they were at checkout and they were TWO FOR A DOLLAR!! Well, you know, that never happens. You gotta do what you gotta do.
At least I didn't eat both packs at one sitting.
If you're like most people, at some point you've paid a lot of attention to what and how much you eat--maybe even to when and why you eat. You're planning what you'll eat hours in advance and packing a bag like you're going on a trip. Points math and food tracking and checking nutritional information on sites like My Daily Plate-- it can get a little obsessive. You might start composing an ode during your run, maybe hum a little ditty; a simple dedication, just a mental rollcall of names you love,like-
roasted pepper hummus. pesto. chicken ka prow. Edy's Dibs. summer rolls. special tibs. blow pops. starburst. lentil soup. mini eclairs. Chipotle. Baskin Robbins Rocky Road. Whatever that brown bread is in the basket at Cheesecake Factory. Chop't Steakhouse Salad. Dal Makhani. cherries. Jonagold apples. Edy's Fruit Bars (Grape). grapefruit. Greg Scott's gumbo. grapefruit juice. Diet Coke with Lime. my salmon salads. tomato salad. potato salad. cabbage. pot roast. creamed spinach from Bobby Van's. Ledo's pizza (pepperoni and lotsa spinach.) cinnamon donuts from when Heller's Bakery was still run by Hellers. macaroni and cheese from when mama still remembered how to make it. Jacquie's spaghetti. eggplant parmesan. Chik Fil A. Backyard Burgers' blackened chicken sandwich. crabcake from The Hitching Post. Dark n Stormies. Fish from New Captain's Lounge. Fish from il Plongeur under the stars at the beach in Dakar. grits with sausage (patties, not links). cantaloupe. my bananascotch bread. Curtis' banana fritters. dark chocolate m&m's. oreo cookies sans the cream. ghetto fish from Horace and Dickie's. creme brulee. mango sorbet. kabobs and green beans from Moulin Rouge in Ouaga. cobbler; blueberry, cherry or peach. blackeyed peas. bacon.

Then as you cool down, say you listen to this song. All's right with the world by the time you're toweled off.


Petula said...

That's pretty funny, but I totally understand.

The Padrino said...

I hate to say this but them Starburst can be used for many thing hehe, they make the girls go crazy when used rite.

imelda said...

like me i can;t stop eating sometimes


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