Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I'm writing.
I have no concrete idea about what, but I finally feel guilty enough about not writing, that, if nothing else, I will write about that!

Is that more nuts or sad? I can't decide. I do this thing for the pleasure of it, not an obligation to it. Writing's not the boss of me!

Yet...I'd gotten in the habit of doing it frequently, and --turns out some people even read it-- so taking such a long break became...conspicuous - and,
Really? I'm totally fine with that.

I've just been chilling. Spring has sprung; it's beautiful around these parts. I may not be off the grid, (in at least one sense) but I have most definitely been offline. As with all else, politics and policymaking go on, plenty of people's two cents about it blanket the blogosphere; I don't need to chime in.

Look at these orchids.


meleah rebeccah said...

Pretty Orchids! Happy Spring!

Jen said...

Beautiful orchids! I take the weekend off usually and when it gets a bit warmer and the kids are out of school I will be MIA much more often. Enjoy your time away.

Dori said...

Enjoy your break! Those orchids are beautiful :)


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