Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Not Just Me

Let me just get this off my chest, right up front: I've backslidden. Some sadistic stroke of scheduling put Girl Scout Cookie delivery time right in the thick of Lent! Maybe this is how it always has been. I don't know. I buy Girl Scout cookies every year but this is the first year, in a fit of coworker solidarity, I agreed to give up something for 40 days--and not just anything, but something that would hurt, even just a little. I chose cookies and candy and booze. The latter, no problem; who has time for Happy Hour when there's yoga class? The former, well--that hurts more than just a little. There are Do si Dos, there are Thin Mints.
(THIN MINTS I said!)
I'm only human. I'd placed the orders before I came up with this bright idea.

That said, you might've heard the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". It's one of those folksy nuggets mamas dropped like breadcrumbs when I was growing up, leading you to getting along as you go along. I'm sure every culture has them. It's in that spirit that I haven't been blogging lately. I'm way too immersed in news and information about this... clusterclutch known as politics in Washington these days to have much of anything nice to say. It's enraging and disheartening for me to even acknowledge, let alone write about---why should I let Senator Bunning's antics and Obama's inertia raise my blood pressure?! Since I mostly blog about politics, it follows, that without anything nice to say, I wouldn't be blogging much.

Well, turns out, it's not just me out here all politically dejected. Another DC suburbanite has started the Coffee Party , (get it? NOT a tea party) uniting pissed off Progressives, Independents and others, hopefully, with some effect (accountability, maybe? Ensuring they get what they paid, campaigned, voted for, per chance?) If only.

AND The Pew Research Center's latest study of The Millenials says it's not just me not blogging. On the PBS Newshour, they reported a correlation between the increasing use of social networking sites and tools and a decline in blogging--not that I'm a millenial or anything, I'm just as cool as one. ;-)

Not blogging is apparently the "IN" thing.

What about you? Blogging as much as usual? Entrecard dropping?


Jennifer said...

Oh, thin mints, I love you so.

And while I miss many aspects of DC, I don't miss the company town aspect of it, where national politics is local politics.

And blogging is up and down for me. My writing has been dark lately (blame it on winter and the fact that my son has been sick about four times in the last two months). Social networks don't give me the same thing that blogging does, but maybe I'm weird.

MtnGrl said...


I hope your son is feeling better. This company town is seeming inescapable but the days are getting longer, spring is around the corner; hope springs eternal. Social networks don't give me the same thing either, but they seem to be a drain on the old brain...


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