Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm giving up booze and other bad stuff for Lent.
Hey! Maybe I'll finally move to Wordpress!!
Not that Blogger's bad, or anything...I just meant that, with the copious amounts of time freed up by not sucking down Starbursts or chomping Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips or sipping Cabernet, for example; perhaps I'll use it to stare down the mountain, recognize the molehill and change blogging platforms.

I'm not Catholic, so whatever rules there are don't necessarily apply to me. (Isn't that always the case, so I say?) I just decided to give up...meat, at first, but when presented with the dictum (from a Catholic coworker) that "it's gotta hurt", decided to give up things inconsistent with a healthy lifestyle for a person with hypertensive tendencies and a middle aged metabolism. If I recount here what I'm giving up, it'll look like last month's shopping list. Hopefully next month's blood pressure charts will look like those of a hale 19 year old...to match the abs and thighs, of course.


CastoCreations said...

Good for you. I am not Catholic either but a couple years ago gave up chocolate. I actually managed to do it and it sucked. :) But it was good. I should probably give up ice cream this year.

MtnGrl said...

If you can give up chocolate, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!! :) Go for it!

Chris said...

God speed. I too gave up coffee (starbucks) and I am feeling the withdrawals full force. Stay strong


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