Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blissed Out

I am more than just a little tickled by the weather these days. I'm on the downside of giddy, but I remain blissed out. I love the space and time that snow seems to bring, and yesterday, camera handy, I discovered its sculptures and shadows too.

During December's storm I had the presence of mind to post suet and birdseed outside, luring the birds within lens-length of the window on the back door. This time I added a dish on the roof outside a window upstairs; they just found that one today. I've seen blue jays, cardinals, orioles, finches. The scene can be quite captivating, and challenging to photograph with this little digi point and shoot. (Nice zoom, though, thankfully.)

Fortunately, we haven't lost power, though some in Montgomery County suffered without it for days. There's plenty of food and amusement-- in fact this morning, I took up again with my Wii Fit! It was a welcome change from the 'what we fittina eat?" restlessness that seems to come with being snowbound.

I digress, for a brief, and likely necessary (for some), language lesson of sorts, to explain "what we fittina eat?"

During the first snow after I moved to DC, a friend from across the hall was giddy. She'd grown up in Florida and had never seen snow before. I said to my roommate from New Jersey: "We fixing to go out in the snow!" She said "What?" I repeated myself, maybe I spoke a little louder. What did she mean, "What?" Well, turns out, "fixing to" is apparently part of a regional dialect! (The region included Asheville, North Carolina and thereabouts, but apparently not Paterson, New Jersey.) "Fixing to" indicates the next activity. Like, I'm fixing to finish this digression and get back to the point of this post. She'd never heard the usage before; I was so embarrassed I never unthinkingly said it again. (See? This is why travel is good; sometimes you go somewhere else and learn something about where you came from!)

"Fittina" is a variation of "fixing to", commonly used by folks from further south than Asheville.

It's not just snow though, that's blissing me out, or this birdwatching hobby I seem to be evolving. The endorphin rush from Wii Fit Plus, (especially after the addictive obstacle course, super hula hoop and snowball fight!) contributes immensely to the bliss. Aerobics is a nice compliment, but I'm blissed out on yoga.

I've been a yoga junkie for about a year now. I don't practice as much as I should, but, it ebbs and flows; lately towards more often, than less. I, quite unselfconsciously, struck a pose in front of a coworker's cubicle last week while chatting. It wasn't the most unobtrusive pose either, it was the one where you bend forward from the waist and clasp your hands together behind you, straight-armed, and lift your arms as high as you can. (What's it called?) It feels sooooo good. Today I found myself doing yoga in the shower. Am I doing it, or is doing me, when it just...manifests like that? I reach to pick something up from the floor, and the next thing you know, I'm doing a Triangle pose and a flow begins...

I see Willow Street Yoga's asking for snowga poses! I think I'll go outside and strike a Warrior 2 before the next snowy onslaught that's due any moment now.

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