Monday, January 11, 2010

A Surefire Way to get Rich

Read the New York Times. You can always count on Frank Rich to tell it like it is. While tv "news" shows blather on about bs like Senator Reid's comment that though true, is not politically correct to say in mixed company, Rich in his New York Times Op-Ed, The Other Plot to Wreck America", keeps the focus where it needs to be: it's the economy, stupid.

Despite Larry Summers' claim that the recession is over, Rich writes:

The contrary voices of Americans who have lost pay, jobs, homes and savings are either patronized or drowned out entirely by a political system where the banking lobby rules in both parties and the revolving door between finance and government never stops spinning.

The revolving door between finance and government has delivered Larrys Geithner and Summers to the Obama Administration where, it appears, their loyalty to high financiers is unwavering.

Have you moved your money yet?

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Jolly Roger said...

I despise commercial banks, and really don't even like credit unions all that much. The worst mistake ever made was allowing these banks to consolidate, which led to them getting into areas they don't belong in, which turned banks into casinos.

I don't understand why Glass-Steagall wasn't quickly re-introduced. McCain (who amazingly enough, did not vote for repeal; he abstained, that old Keating Fiver) is 100% correct about this one.


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