Friday, January 1, 2010

Friends R Us

What happens to the nature of friendship, when it can be had so readily, just a gray rectangle click away? What about the friendships forged over hours and years of shared experiences, how are they distinguished in the great leveler, Facebook? They're not. Facebook, enjoyed by some, despised by others, suspicious to those who've yet to succumb to its wiles, has the peculiar effect of aggregating folks specific to different phases of life, at one place at the same time. If you're a bit seasoned, it's kinda like being at a perpetual cookout, working the yard, stopping to big up somebody you used to work with who (who knew?) likes astronomy too, on the way to listening to your favorite blowhard friend from college sound off on his topic of the day, before doing some trash talking of your own that that guy from your yoga class likes that elicits insight from your 2nd grade Sunday school teacher, suggestive inside joke from yet another friend and 'LMAO! from a former client; ex of your ex's brother.
What fresh alternate reality is this?

1 comment:

Fisher and Staff said...

Very charming and funny description of Facebook!


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