Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Words escape me. High time, you say? Ever since I noticed I was nearing my 300th post, I thought I should have something...momentous (or at least something) to say on the occasion. Turns out I don't. Not so much anyway. This is my 300th post.

A couple of stunners recently: Vic Chesnutt committed suicide and died on Christmas Day. This may not be stunning to his fans and others familiar with his work since apparently he'd tried it before. During an interview with Terry Gross earlier this month that I roundly lambasted in a previous post, he said Flirted With You All My Life, a song on his latest release, was a break-up song, suggesting a triumph over thoughts of suicide. May he rest in peace.

Last Sunday I was stunned to find myself and John McLaughlin of one accord--we both think "free trade" needs to be reined in. The idea is apparently not terribly politically correct, despite its being sensical and sensible-we have few industries left to lose, and millions of jobs that need to be replaced; billions of dollars of debt to repay China. Tony Wikrent provides example after example in his riveting essay:
The economic theory behind free trade is elegant and convincing. Even some of the most progressive economists, such as Robert Reich, are adamant free traders. What I find is that these people, however brilliant and accomplished they are, do NOT seem to have a good grasp of what actually happens down in the trenches of the real economy: the factory and warehouse floors, the farms and hospitals, where, in our complex technologically advanced society, little, even minuscule, details often make the difference between life and death.

It's recommended reading. Terrorists with malfunctioning detonators may be among the least worrisome items on a plane.

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Jolly Roger said...

There is no such thing as "free" trade with a partner who is allowed to keep workers in near-slave conditions and pollute wantonly. This is like calling a fight between Holyfield and a 5 year old child a "fair" fight just because both opponents had two arms.


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