Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fat Lady Hasn't Even Found Her Pitch Yet

Although some boldly suggest the Great Recession is over, it's apparent to most that it just ain't so!   The latest unemployment rate, out today, is 9.8% -- and don't forget -- that doesn't include the legions whose eligibility to receive unemployment benefits has expired (because they've been unemployed so long!)  Paul Krugman even makes a case for a second stimulus from Uncle Sam.  I think the closest we're gonna come to that is the assorted giggery that'll result if Daddy O manages to bring the Olympics to Chicago.
Awhile ago, Shoppers Food Warehouse had a campaign whereby you donate a buck or a few and for every certain amount, a bag of groceries was donated to a local food pantry.  I like that idea; how about going one better?  Take a bag of staples and/or a prepared meal to someone whose plight is a little bleaker than yours right now.  You never know what tomorrow will bring...

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