Friday, September 4, 2009

Mired in Inanity

So. I've joined the madding hordes of "friends" whiling away the hours reading updates of blessings and scriptures and blow by blows of which store in the mall one is in. (And I wonder why I'm so bored?) Occasionally, I take a quiz and find out: I'm my least favorite Housewife of Atlanta (Sheree'!); Idris Elba is the Black guy I would date (DUH!); and after decades of being an INTJ, now, allegedly, I'm an ISTJ.

I have reconnected with folks from yonder years that I'd previously Googled to no avail, and that's a good thing. Otherwise, though this Twitter with pictures is a far too appealing waste of time. I could be playing Scrabble Blast or otherwise not doing yard work!

When I did meander away from Facebook, I found Joan Walsh at Salon espousing something I groused to a friend about starting a petition for just yesterday:
It's past time for mainstream, responsible Republicans to stand up against this latest irrational attack on the president.

When I heard there was uproar about President Obama giving a speech to kids, and parents were going to take their kids out of school to avoid it, I thought it was faux news from The Onion. Surely, grown people can put ideology aside long enough to manifest some measure of respect for The Office of the President of The United States!

Ideology, perhaps, but not race. Previous Presidents have made speeches and even read books to children without hue and cry. What's different about this President? Oh yeah, I heard it somewhere before... "If you're black, you better get back." Though he's half black and half white, the old 'One drop rule' seems to apply.

The anti-Obama faction blurs the line beween inanity and insanity, and reasonable people should let them know they are well out of order.

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paulas_trying said...

Thanks MtnGirl! I couldn't have said it any better, lol but you already know that :)


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