Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was my first pop idol. I was 9 years old, in Mrs. Fuller's class. Maria Miller and I divulged our love for Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson, respectively, and a fast friendship was forged. Michael was the star of the Jackson 5; Donny Osmond was his white replica, who sang with his siblings, the Osmonds.

Before the teen me had an Elton John poster on the wall, and jammed hard to "Philadelphia Freedom", I had many Michael Jackson posters on my wall, usually covers from Right On magazine. In my favorite, he was probably about 14, sweetly fine with big nose and a blowed out afro. "Dancing Machine" was the jam then.

On the Prince vs. Michael debate, I always fell fast and heavily on the Prince side, but without delusion: Michael Jackson had vicious moves and mean skills with a hook. He has many, many, many emulators; Janet Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown among them. His commercial success has thus far been inimitable. In spite of his eccentricities, Michael Jackson was ALL THAT. And then some.

Rest also in peace, two more who were icons during my 70s childhood: Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett.

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