Friday, April 24, 2009

ENTRECARD Advert Settings: It's Just an Illusion

Last night my Dashboard showed one of my frequent advertisers and favorite blogs as "On Widget Now". Imagine my surprise when my site showed an ad for blasting belly fat (as seen on CBS and ABC) right above my card saying that I accept EC paid Ads only.

I refreshed, I triple checked; still the belly fat ad persisted, and the "On Widget Now" displayed something else.

Some things worth noting:

1. Currently, I manually reject all Paid Ads after having paid ads continue to appear on my site even after I changed my settings to "allow paid ads only if explicitly approved by me".

2. I thought that maybe the paid ads continued to appear because I had checked "Accept Entrecard Ads automatically if previously approved by me" . I suspected a bug and not intentional deception was treating previously approved PAID ads as previously approved Entrecard Ads, because there was a brief window early on during which I DID accept Paid Ads. So, just to be safe, I left only ONE thing checked in settings: "Allow Entrecard users to apply for advertising on my widget."
Just allow it; I'll take it from there.

How, pray tell, does a belly fat blasting ad appear on my widget for at least the full hour that it took me to download and install SnagIt to try and capture it?!
Despite my preferences, despite my settings, a paid ad appeared on my widget that was nowhere on my dashboard. The Advertiser that showed as "On Widget Now" for at least the full hour that I tried in vain to get a screen cap finally appeared on the widget as Thursday morphed into Friday around Midnight.

Who knows how often--and for how long-- similar bait and switches happen during a 24 hour period?!

It may not be so hard to say goodbye after all.

In the meantime, I'm checking out Adgitize, CMF, SlogBite, etc. What are your recommendations for blog community?


Anonymous said...

Greetings MTN grrrl,

I cmf at awop but it took a month to even get any credits to use for our Zine. I don't see much traffic from it honestly. I guess the only thing good about it is it does get our logo in front of people even though they may not actually click it. News Writer is thinking of dropping cmf from her personal sites but has not as yet. I have not noticed the problem you describe with ec but will be paying closer attention to be sure.

Also I was wondering if we could add you to our list of contributors and pick up some of your posts from time to time over at AWOP? You don't have to do anything. With your permission I may grab something and let you know that it is running at AWOP. I really like your work and we would be glad to have you join our team.

Please e-mail me at kim@aworldof if you are interested.

Kim G.
A World Of Progress TeamZine

Nicole/Inspire Political Discourse said...

Hi MountainGirl,

I had the same thing happen to me as well. Makes me really angry!



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