Friday, March 6, 2009

Five Things That I Don't Get

If you do, please enlighten me.
1.  Why isn't Bernie Madoff in jail instead of ensconced in his penthouse (albeit under house arrest)?
2.  Why do non-gay people not want those who are gay to be able to get married?

3.  What's so wrong with "protectionism"?  How will the economy ever get right if we don't manufacture stuff in America so that we can Buy American?
4.  Why does AIG warrant 160 billion and non-profits that serve the increasing numbers of needy do not?
5.  Why is the mainstream media suddenly so obsessed with being tweetable

1 comment:

Intrepidblackman said...

1. He is very rich
2. Fear
3a. It prevents one country from taking advantage over another
3b. It won't
4. The power elite have no investments in non profits
5. Paris Hilton got old


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