Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Liveblogging the Inauguration on TV: Goodbye just isn't enough.

Bush descends the stairs inside the Capitol, as Michelle Obama, who preceded him, takes her seat outside. I see she has a sash the color of the gloves tied at her waist, and the overcoat appears to be embroidered or brocade-like. Cheney is wheeled out in a wheelchair carrying a cane, and Bush 41's canter is impeded as well. He halts and occasionally thrusts his right hand out at thigh level, appearing at first as recognition of a young lady in security it seems, who probably wasn't even born when he was President, and later, hitting one of the uniformed soldiers who stood by the door he exited in full salute; the Black one, in fact. They're crushed, even somewhat physically.

BARACK OBAMA!! What will this era really be like? He was actually painting a wall on National Service Day yesterday, at Sasha Bruce house, a shelter in DC for homeless teens. Not just a photo op, dude completed at least a wall.

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