Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Inauguration News: The Celebrident Has Arrived!

New traffic patterns and concrete blockades announced the arrival of the soon-to-be First Family this past weekend and their temporary residence at the Hay-Adams Hotel. The Blair House, where the President-elect and other notables would typically stay, is otherwise occupied until 1/15. A motorcade ferried the Obama girls and mom to the first day of school at Sidwell Friends yesterday, through Israel-Hamas war protestors, paparazzi, tourists and others trying sneak a peek.

In other news...

Coincident with the Celebrident's arrival, the official Inauguration store opened online! If the buttons, magnets, dish towels, hot sauce, totes, jewelry, plates, hats, scarves, sweat jackets and sundry other gear sporting the Obama visage don't quite do it for you, you can now buy official, union made Obama gear at the Inaugural store!

If you want to know what Inaugural Balls the First Couple will attend, click here. (There's a special one for 18-35 year olds!) There's an essay contest for DC kids to win top notch seating along the Inaugural parade route.

The Metro will have expanded hours and longer trains and WABA will be offering a valet parking service for bikers. Hotels are booked but Greenbelt Park (in Greenbelt, Md) may still have a few campgrounds available, or, if you make a mean chili I might reserve a space for you on the couch in front of the flat screen.

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