Thursday, January 8, 2009

Favorite Flix

FRONTLINE is one of my favorite things, regularly delivering top-notch enlightening, documentaries that I recommend to others. This week's offering was no exception. June Cross' The Old Man and the Storm tells the tale of a 5th generation, octogenarian New Orleanian, Mr. Gettridge, who struggles to rebuild his home to welcome back his large family after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In better physical shape than many half his age, Mr. Gettridge, with the infrequent help of sundry volunteers (and none from the Federal government), lives in the ruined home sans running water and electricity and rebuilds it with his own hands, motivated by the desire to reunite his children and grandchildren who remain scattered due to evacuation. It's a moving testament to the power of love, and further testimony to the negligence and corruption of Federal and state government entities. Check your local PBS listings or watch it online.

Slumdog Millionaire. Go. NOW. It is quite simply, fantastic! A tragicomedic love story, it's got something for everybody! I've seen it twice and everyone I've taken or recommended it to are equally enthusiastic about it after seeing it.

OTher favorites, all available on Netflix, include documentaries on Kennedy's assasination (SOOOO many revelations, so many new questions) and documentaries set in Haiti, Brazil and Cuba. Balseros, which follows Cuban immigrants for 5 years from their initial planning to get out of Cuba to what happens once they get here is absolutely riveting.

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