Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uncle Sam funds Boob Job

"I paid for my second boob job with college student loan money." A busty, blonde, twentysomething contestant on NBC's Momma's Boys shared this tidbit in her video bio on tonight's premiere.

Let that marinate a minute.

Anybody out there can't get a loan? Have to sit out a semester or a few to save money for tuition? Took out a third mortgage like this Washington College student said her parents did?

Washington College lost $60 million of its $170 million dollar endowment recently, given the vagaries of the market, the shenanigans of Madof and others of his ilk and what not. Though still well-endowed, the College's scholarship and campus job funding was likely diminished. Federal student loans are often relied on to make up the difference between the cost of college and a student's ability to pay. It makes me seethe with empathy, thinking of the person out there who REALLY wants to go (or continue to go to college) but can't for lack of funds, and this chick pays for her 2nd boob job with student loan money?!!

Memo to Ed Secretary-elect Arne Duncan: keep this kinda s*** from happening. This can make a person go ballistic.

1 comment:

TNT2008 said...

Well said. I was lucky and scholarships paid for most of my education but I had to wait on loans for graduate school. The audacity, the stupidity of this girl. I suppose this is why she is on TV hawking her wares...


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