Thursday, November 20, 2008

My break from blogging

Now that election euphoria and Obamamania has died down,  news like this once again dominates the mediasphere--
Businesses cut prices at a record rate last month, builders started fewer new homes than anytime on record, and last week more people filed for new unemployment benefits than in any week since 1992, according to government data, as the outlook for the economy continues to dim.

I've not been motivated to blog.  Today I sat email vigil with a friend who was waiting, wondering whether she'd be called into her boss' office next as more layoffs were handed out at Time.

The only thing that's made me consider blogging  was when egregious abuse of the English language turns up on MSNBC.; Keith Olbermann using WORSER in his nightly "worst person of the week spiel and Rhodes scholar Rachel Maddow coyly snarking away in front of a graphic that said "Sponser", presumably meaning Sponsor.  Few things (no thing?) gets under my skin as much as mispronunciations, misspellings and misusage.  (COMMENTERS: I hereby acknowledge hypocrisy and embrace my own linguistic shortcomings that you may provide evidence of in my blog postings.)    The affronts were so prevalent a few years ago that I stopped reading the hard copy of The Washington Post altogether (which, incidentally, allegedly made $250,000.00 from sales of the Election Commemorative Edition. I can feel the exhales of relief from reprieved staffers from here, but I digress.) Washington Post Newsweek Interactive evidently has more vigilant proofreaders and copy editors for the website.

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