Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Need An Anthem!

I need an anthem! What song are you rocking today to commemorate the occasion? I can't find quite the right one. Mary J. Blige's lyric from Just Fine has some appeal, though...
"I like what I see when I'm looking at me as I'm walking past the mirror!"

After a few days of terribly expensive and just as terribly mediocre food in Bermuda, I treated myself to lunch today. I celebrated Barack Obama's victory with a chicken salad sandwich (with bacon) on toasted pumpernickel and a Diet Coke with Lime. Now, that may not sound particularly celebratory, but, trust me, few things are better (and harder to find) than chicken salad, tuna salad or potato salad done right! The carryout in the building around the corner does it right--(light on the mayo).

I'm in some weird place right now. Not quite shock, but something like it. Incredulity? Something HUGELY transformational has occurred; and it's personified by someone of my generation and hue. A humble Everyman who resonates with people in swarming crowds, transculturally, transgenerationally, transracially, in a way that is... awe inspiring. We will actually have a leader in the White House; Someone who engages and inspires us, not just a politician.
We, the people, matter. Go figure.

Hopefully, I'll regain some perspective, thoughts, my voice, later.

In the meantime, I have to say: I liked the dress.

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hope this will help!


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