Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The World is Too Much"--

to borrow a phrase from Wordsworth, so I retreated to my hammock. Try as I did, there's no blogging from a hammock, so I was left to bird watching, reading and listening to podcasts while the world's economies shattered and haphazardly, in the US' case, reassembled.
This just in, at noon from NPR News:
The Dow's declines over the last two days have wiped out half the gains it made on Monday...September's retail sales are the lowest in three years...Dow and Nasdaq are both down now...

It's really quite lovely in the hammock. Thanks to global warming it's nearly 80 degrees in mid-October. The leaves have started to turn and fall, yet mosquitoes still pester.

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Intrepidblackman said...

In the daily up and down (mostly down) reporting on our economic condition, the state of the political race, we can easily forget to pause, look around and find the beauty all around us. Your tree reminds me to do just that.


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