Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Presidential "Debate": What did YOU think?

Well, Bob Schieffer mostly held them to answering the questions this time, and that was refreshing. McCain had a decent line reminding Obama that he's not George Bush, but there wasn't a whole lot memorable about the debate otherwise (to me), other than wondering whether Joe the Plumber is the same guy as Joe Six Pack (What? Is he in recovery now?) What did you think?

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Intrepidblackman said...

It is clear to me that pundits do not see what people see. After this debate they were going on about how well McCain did, had Obama on the defensive etc, but then the tracking polls come back and folks watching think Obama won the debate, most critically Independents think obama won.

While pundits are moved by the whole fighter metaphor, jabs, body blows weight to who is attacking...that does not seem to be what moves people, quite the opposite.

Obama stays cool, calm and collected, speaks in complete sentences. McCain comes off as angry and unnecessarily combative. At certain points watching I thought McCain would serve himself much better if he just stopped attacking and put forth his vision for the country...try to give people a sense of hope and encouragement.

I've also stopped watching the partisan folks comment on the debates...whats the point dems say what dems say, repub say what they say. I much prefer the neutral commentators like David Broder


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