Sunday, October 19, 2008

John McCain on Fox News Sunday 10-19-08

This guy-- THIS ONE-- is scarily delusional! Infer all necessary disclaimers about my not being a mental health professional who's not making a medical diagnosis, yadda yadda; but this guy is either so eerily, unflinchingly capable of fulminating, perpetrating fantastic egregious lies as to be evil, OR he inhabits multiple "realities" unknown to the rest of us, and is patently schizophrenic!

First of all, he has the gall to suggest that the Obama campaign, that didn't like what Joe the Plumber said "in his own driveway" has now "savaged" Joe the Plumber.

(That's right, he said savaged; twice. But I digress.)

McCain was suggesting that the media attention that Joe the flipping Plumber, has gotten (consequent to him, John McCain, remember, having introduced him to the world by bringing him up 21 times in the debate) is a result of the Obama campaigns savagery.

This is just one example. Others include the "absolutely accurate" (quoting John McCain) fear-mongering robo-calls his campaign is making that even Republican Senator Susan Collins, the co-chair of his Maine campaign AND in a tough battle to maintain her own seat has asked him to terminate, (among others, including Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.)

In yesterday's New York Times, Frank Rich said:
The Bushian ethos that McCain embraced, ... is opposed to the entire idea of policy. The whole point of the Bush-Rove way of doing business is that principles, coherent governance and even ideology must always be sacrificed for political expediency, no matter the cost to the public good.
Emphasis mine.

Be sure to watch Chris Wallace's interview with John McCain. Think to yourself: This man could be President. Sarah Palin could be Vice President. I'd never considered the possibility of a scarier President than the one now bumbling around the White House until today.


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