Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What does the elephant in the room have to do - FART?!

It's challenging to stay on top of things, in this time warp we now appear to live in, where changes with monumental and ongoing effect happen daily. I don't remember when, exactly, that I was first flabbergasted that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain would express that their economic plans would havw to change, in light of recent events. The economic crisis is unfolding so quickly, I didn't expect and would be leery of, in fact, any details about *how* they would change, but I thought the suggestion that they wouldn't change was more than a tad insulting to our intelligence.. The silence was deafening. There was an elephant in the room that the candidates appeared to be oblivious to, even when, as eventually, they were expressly asked and followed up a couple weeks ago by George Stephanopolous. Barack Obama conceded, in the first debate, I think, that there would have to be "prioritizations" but still listed every aspect of his plan as though money were no object. Last night he allowed that "we're at the beginning of this process", i.e. addressing the economic fallout, but still it seems to me, implying minimal changes to his tax policy plans. I'm no numbers gal (*wink ala Sarah*) but I stilll don't get that and am miffed it continues to be the line pushed. It's either delusional or intentionally misleading, and neither sits well with me -or Doris, or George!


Intrepidblackman said...

There is a lack of either laying a a Big Picture view of the country and the world as it is in this financial crisis. What we need is to hear a path from here to the future, specifics are not necessary at this point, but some principles that would take us away from the uncertainty of now.

***MtnGrl*** said...

I agree. The persistent silence on this is creepy and suspicious to me.


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