Thursday, September 25, 2008


On the Metro this morning, there was a couple I pegged as tourists--and not just because of the wife's brand-spanking-new tan sneakers with orange bands in the treads that matched the orange stripes in her capri pantset. There was no messenger bag or briefcase, Blackberry, iPod nor any other typical 'going to work on Metro gear', but it wasn't any of that either.

It occurred to me that they were tourists because they were talking about something that I realized at that precise moment I had not heard talked about on the metro before: the Presidential campaign.

Every day, just about, sometimes twice; I ride the Metro that transports people to, from and within Washington, DC, our nation's capital. Not until today, despite the historical relevances of the campaign, have I heard anyone discussing it. Isn't that odd? (Or is it? Maybe NOT talking about money and politics is what's got us in this fix we're in today, permitting the powers-that-be to get away with way too much for far too long, and then trying to stick us with the check after they get emergency-called away. I digress...)

So I eavesdropped of course, while reading some chicklit I bought for a buck at the library, as tourist hubby said "whichever one of those guys wins is gonna have to deal with this" and similar opaque comments about the bailout until his party preference became crystal clear. "None of 'em like her, especially not The Washington Post... whatever they ask her, they're just setting her up to take her down, so why should she talk to them?! I don't blame her!"

Let me tell you, Uncle Harry; listen. Sarah Palin needs no set up. The bafflegab that winds its way out of her mouth is so confoundingly hilarious, she sets herself up. Where once the sound of her voice made me cringe, I find after a minute or so, the idiocy coming out of her mouth totally distracts me from the accent!

Sometimes lately I practically ooze in anticipation of the tell-all books and Freudian slips through which we'll learn what people like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and the like really thought when apprised of John McCain's Vice Presidential pick. I CAN'T WAIT! I want the transcribed notes of that fly on the wall within earshot of Mitt Romney after he digested his aides' response to WHOOO?!?

I think the former contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination have done a fantastic job, incredible even, of pretending to be genuinely supportive of Sarah Palin. They all deserve Oscars for best supporting actor for their eloquent feigned sincerity in support of this woman they'd barely, if ever, heard of, just one short month ago.

All THAT, when this is what Sarah has to say for herself. You 20% of former Hillary supporters who switched to McCain? Here's more reason to be ashamed. Cue the video.

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