Monday, September 29, 2008

Is this Reality or a Reality Show?

First, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite journalists, Gwen Ifill! Gwen hosts Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and is a and is a senior correspondent on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer. Gwen also has the distinction of moderating this Thursday's Vice Presidential debate between candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. I'm sure Gwen will handle it with characteristic aplomb, which may be no small feat given the two she's dealing with.

McCain's erratic behavior last week, allegedly "suspending the campaign" to rush back to Washington (though detouring for 22 hours to offer himself as an interview subject to Katie Couric that evening, and dissing and pissing off David Letterman)was clearly an attempt to deflect attention from the catastrophe that was the Palin interview by Katie Couric (see video). Bob Herbert, Fareed Zakaria--in my favorite headline yet:
Palin is Ready? Please and even conservative commentators (at the National Review, no less!) are suggesting we be put out of our misery by Sarah Palin's bailing out of the race. Jack Cafferty was a bit more blunt. Andrew Sullivan suggests that we not hold our breath, noting that though McCain's impulsive decision-making
...makes Bush's decision-making look Solomonic. If McCain is forced to acknowledge this, his own campaign is over too.

What's even more stunning than Sarah Palin's rambling incoherence is that of people who still support her candidacy, despite it! I wonder if it's legal, what these people are ingesting--and did somebody slip Joe Biden some?

THIS guy, who reportedly campaigned furiously for the number 2 spot on the ticket, sometimes seems as inclined as the Clintons to sabotage it! Since getting the spot he has said, publicly, that:
Hillary Clinton might have been better VP pick for Obama; offered policy insight and positions that counter his ticketmate's positions, (just now Sarah Palin did the same thing!) and seemed to threaten to do Obama bodily harm. With running mates like these, who needs opponents?!

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