Thursday, September 18, 2008

Carly's Angles

Just when I'd started to think I'd imagined Carly Fiorina's much ballyhooed ascent and magnificent crashing and burning at HP, I'm assured by recent media reports that I, in fact, did not imagine it, and others remember it too. This woman, the first to head a Dow 30 company, was chosen by McCain to be his top economic adviser; to advise him in an area that he admitted to knowing little about, despite 26 years in leadership of this country. Presumably, McCain sought to rely on her to help him mitigate some of the fallout from his boy W's eight years at the helm, noted here by Andy Ostroy at the Huffington Post:

Since George Bush took office in 2000, the "fundamentals of the economy" are horrendous:

-Unemployment 6.1% vs 4.2%

-Budget deficit of $357-billion vs $281-billion budget surplus

-National debt at $9.7-trillion vs $5.8-trillion

-Gas $4/gallon vs $1.27

-Inflation at 5.37% from 2.74%

-Real Wages down 2%

-Consumer Confidence Index .57 vs historical high of 145

Add to this grim picture the crisis over 400,000 U.S. home foreclosures, a mortgage meltdown, and multiple Wall Street bankruptcies. Seriously, I'd like a bowl of some of that crack McCain's been smoking if he truly thinks the "fundamentals are strong."

Ms. Fiorina, in whom Senator McCain entrusted so much, apparently does not return the esteem. She unflinchingly told Andrea Mitchell that she doesn't think Senator McCain can run a major corporation, in fact, neither could Sarah Palin, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, since it requires a "lifetime of experience".

And yet, we are supposed to believe that a woman who governed a STATE with a population equivalent to 1/10th of New York CITY for less than two years, is equipped to be our fallback as President of the United States?!

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