Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lost Without You

Love that song. LOVE. IT. Robin Thicke, you're a credit to the comedian/sitcom star dad and soap opera actress/singer that bore ya, as well as to the rest of us. A white boy for the rest of us. Whodathunkit.

Okay, so I've discovered 3 buck Chuck. Delightftul! A (really) cheap red that doesn't end in headache.

Started the new gig. LOVE IT. Commute halfed, dress casualed, more Asian men (like IT environments I'm used to) scant women and near familiar haunts (i.e., Stan's). Though I haven't been yet, nor have plans to go, arrival is imminent.

The gig is cool, so far. Bureaucratic tailchasing still, but, hey, whatever; at least the people I work for recognize it's bullshit, rather than having drunk the Kool-Aid like the last crew!

Speaking of which, I miss some and remain in touch. Was in Harlem when The Godfather laid in state at the Apollo. We were on the other side of 125th Street, crossed over, but...the lines were too long to entertain while I was trying to get to whoknowswhere in Yonkers by nightfall. Still...

I got soul, and I'm super bad. HEY!

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