Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Last Days

It's been awhile, but some things aren't blogworthy. Or--

too many are.

maybe it's me, and/or maybe I'm late or perhaps just crazy, my previous post-911 rant (how do you link to archives?), I know I suggested something about how if a certain country stopped ceaselessly kissing another's ass while second country ran roughshod over some its residents' civil liberties, maybe certain country wouldn't have generated the ire of certain peoples leading to such mindblowing devastation blah, blah... Anywho, quiet as its kept, (and certainly never, as far as I know, associated), could it be, in fact, that certain country has, in fact, doing a bit of behind the scenes motivation, that has resulted, incredibly, in--okay I'll just say it: flipping ARIEL SHARON leading the WITHDRAWAL FROM THE GAZA STRIP?!! MAN! What must the US have on him?! Surely it's not just the bijillions of money and weaponry provided over the decades-- to the neglect of itsr own citizenry, that enabled such leverage-- is it?
I think it would've been more honest, though, to just duck out immediately, like Spain did. Hit one time, the Spanish were like, "fuck it, we're out" and started bringing their troops home. We could have made some huge but also largely gratuitous (relative to the havoc we've helped wreak over the years) gesture after 9/11, AND gotten the hell out of the Israeli/Paslestinian conflict, took our lumps and moderately expensive gas prices and moved on. But no...

It's good, though, (the Gaza pullout) and hopefully will generate some degree of goodwill from some corners, but, I fear too little too late given the generations that have been handily wiped out in Baghdad as a result of certain actions, not to mention those newly-radicalized by the Israeli withdrawal.

And Katrina, so seemingly strategically wiping out fragments of our relatively meager oil industry, at all, but particularly at this time...

this is all so prophetic.

But what do I know?

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