Tuesday, January 7, 2003

It Gets Better, Right?

This morning the sensors on my car were tripping (because they were so cold, I guess) such that each time I unlocked the door, it immediately locked back. I ended up getting in my car through the trunk. Thank God for guilelessness, limber limbs and hatchbacks.

I can't get my citrine off my right ring finger. It's been two days, now.

My pumpkin's going to a new school in a few weeks. He'll do well there, with more kids on his academic level, and likely some even above, and his father swears he (the Dad) is going to NOT be an asshole. We'll see. The only hurdle will be explaining to curious and perhaps some resentful parents just how the hell we got in, (not owning one of the 500k houses in the neighborhood, nor having camped out in the cold last year and been granted a spot at the school for out of boundary kids.) What can I say? His Dad's a pain in the a** and there's a Superintendent downtown who obviously ain't from around these parts who let that pain work in our favor!

Meanwhile, I glibly report that Michael O'Sullivan who writes for the esteemed Washington Post agreed with me about AVAM. (He was so wowed by the current exhibit, that it made his top picks for 2002 list) AND none other than Angela Bassett agreed with my take on Monster's Ball. (Michael Musto called it sour grapes of course, but he's a gay white guy, what the hell does he know?!)

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