Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I'm feeling giving lately

Guess I've been bit by the Christmas bug with peculiar effect: there seems to have been some elixir or something set loose in me that elicits desire to nurture the connections I do have, rather than bemoaning those I don't. A glass half full kind of approach. It can suck to just have filler, till you've not had even that. Who was that who said "I was sad because I had no shoes, till I saw a man with no feet"? I was happy to see a picture of a childhood friend who I hadn't seen in about year when I went home for Thanksgiving, and that catalyzed the idea to have portraits taken of me and pumpkin. Presents in cards for everybody!

Speaking of Connections

That guy that my coworker finally chatted up after some prodding at Ozio's when we celebrated our birthdays there the first Friday in August (they've been dating ever since) proposed to her and gave her a ring the other day! She, being mid-thirties, childless and never married, said yes,of course. Kinda makes you all warm and hopeful doesn't it?

Ah! Naah, it's the Shiraz.

The problem with this public anonymity that blogging provides, (or maybe it's just the narcissism which tends to accompany it that's problematic) is that you start to let folks you know in on your thing, (say via a link in a sig block in your email) and, of course, presuming they await new entries with bated breath and read them voraciously, you start to have to censor yourself! Not wanting to put your business in the street and all that... and that leaves you with little to write about.

Except of course for the insipid hoopla about Trent Lott. Does it matter, really? Are there really people who think guys of his ilk in that gig aren't racist? And what of these inroads we're forever hearing the Republican party's trying to make in the Black community? Are they really? Or is it just that there's little other pseudo-political news to go on and on about, given the tightlipped (unless leaking misinformation) administration? 'Course it might be that there will be some significant consequence to this hue and cry and then what'll I cynicize about? (NEOLOGISM--you saw it here first!)
In any case, can one ever see enough of Ed Gordon?

Saw Good Kurds, Bad Kurds on World Link TV last night. Gave some insight on why Turkey is willing, eager even, to let us use their air space to try and squash Saddam in exchange for our supporting their application to be part ot the EU. Turns out Europe doesn't want them in the EU because it is appalled by Turkey's human rights abuses. I guess, as far as ethnic cleansing campaigns go, they are. at least, civil about it. They forewarn villagers to get the hell out or be burned down with the town a full day or so before they decimate the community! We may be barbarians, but we're no assholes! US foreign policy supports the noble Kurds in Iraq, as "freedom fighters" since it's convenient for "Saddam must die" myopia but the Kurds in Turkey, (who are fighting for the same cause, btw, a Kurdistan, in fact) that's an internal, civil Turkish matter, that would be inconvenient for us to engage in, seeing as how we need the air space to get Saddam and all. Whatever happened to Qaddafi? Who will be the next Middle Eastern leader we demonize?

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