Thursday, September 12, 2002

And You Thought I was Nuts

Opening skirmishes have already taken place. "Banks and financial service organizations are experiencing a lot of benign attacks on the parameters of their systems," says Steve Buerle, security practice director with ThruPoint, Inc., one of the country's leading cyber-detective agencies.

During Memorial Day weekend, I had two separate scenarios in which money was inadvertently doubly debited from my banking account. One, was a payment to public utility made using an IVR, the other, all debit transactions doubly deducted by the bank itself. Neither of these organizations publicized these incidents, or even notified those affected, typically. The bank had made credits within 24 hours, I just happened to learn it occurred when I called to talk about getting the money back the utility wrongly took! After weeks of torturous phone calls, then an early morning meeting with their friendly attorney with waiver to sign, I finally got my money back, and all consequent late and bounced check fees, from the gas company.

I'm telling ya; the plans people were making for the change of the millennium, stockpiling water, cash under the mattress, power generators and heading for the hills, is what you'd think would've been going on with a vengeance since last year this time. Fortunately, it's not yet too late.

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