Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Okay. The umpteenth time has got to be the flipping charm. If it happens again, it will be the third (okay, not the umpteenth!) time that I've lost my eloquently contrived postings and found some "page not found" then vbs error instead!

I laughed out loud again today while watching Friends. I'm growing concerned. I've only seen it 4 or 5 times in its years of normal runs, but now catch it daily in re-runs. Getting into it like I did Taxi, Cheers, M.A.S.H. Whassupwithat?

Monster's Ball was sold out when I went to see it on Saturday night. Instead of hanging around in the city, drinking coffee, eating dinner, or book shopping or something with my sorta new sorta boyfriend until the next showing, I drove home in full pout. (He's still not scared off, btw!) Though I knew a bit about the plot line, it hadn't occurred to me that black folks would take issue with her winning the Oscar for her role a few days later. Shoulda known I guess. Her character was, after all, apparently, a black woman who slept with the white man executioner of her black man. And Denzel! Why did he have to win for playing a bad guy, when he's played so many good ones? It's to further undermine, and emasculate the black man that's why! (No matter. If he'd won for his role in Philadelphia, the hue and cry woulda been just as annoying.) I get the impression sometimes that people really care about this shit. These types of discussions made for engaging dorm room debate in the wee hours nearly twenty years ago, but, come, on now. Who? Me? Sold out?
Halle Berry's mama is white, btw.

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