Tuesday, March 26, 2002

I'm up way later than I should be, for no good reason except that I'm waiting for the news with Jim Lehrer to come on. While doing so, I could be doing many productive things, but instead, I've acquainted myself with the setup on my cable system, setting favorites and whatnot. In the process, in the span of half an hour, I've come across a vintage video of War singing "Spill that Wine" (the next line is not "dig that girl" as I've always thought, but apparently, "take that pearl". hmmm...) which resurrected fond college memories of Tomotley (though War was long since past history when I was in college) and minutes later was bopping to Destiny's Child. I be hip. Later, I'll be grouchy. Now I'm watching this. Should be studying for my exam, or in bed instead, but...waddaryagonnado?

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